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Assessment Rolls

Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., prints a multitude of Assessment Rolls for our clients for a variety of purposes. Preliminary Assessment Rolls are included with the Notices of Appraised Value in May. These rolls have recaps of value for each taxing jurisdiction for estimate purposes. Final Assessment Rolls are typically printed in July when values are certified to the taxing jurisdictions.

All Assessment Rolls are printed on our high-performance, high-volume IBM laser printers which enable P&A to have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Assessment Rolls can be printed for the Appraisal District as a whole, or for each taxing jurisdiction, as per each client's particular needs. Assessment Rolls are typically printed alpha by taxpayer name, but they can also be sequenced in other ways such as geographical location of parcel.

For our Real Estate clients, each Assessment Roll has various subtotals at the end, including:

  • Real Estate Value
  • Improvement Value (Old and New)
  • Personal Property Value (Old and New)
  • Total Market Value
  • Agriculture Value Loss
  • Timber Value Loss
  • Less Than $500 Value Exemptions
  • Abatement Exemptions
  • Protest Exemptions
  • Homestead Cap Exemptions
  • Local Discount Exemptions
  • Disabled Veteran Exemptions
  • Over 65 Exemptions and Freezes
  • Total Exemptions

Sample Real Estate Assessment Roll ]

Sample Mineral Assessment Roll ]

All forms are PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader,

you will need to download it to view and print the forms.


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