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Notices Of Appraised Value

Over one hundred counties depend on Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., to annually provide Notices of Appraised Value to their taxpayers. P&A can provide notices to the taxpayers that own mineral interests, industrial, utility, and personal property, as well as local real estate owners.

Our high-performance, high-volume IBM laser printers allow us to print all notices in-house, resulting in the fastest turnaround in the industry. Currently, P&A prints over four million pages just in the month of May. Because of this large volume, P&A can take advantage of economies of scale, typically providing notices more cost effectively and efficiently than most counties can provide in-house.

P&A provides notices in various formats at the client's request. For example, one option is to deliver them to the client folded in envelopes ready to mail. Another example is to sequence them in zip code order so that postage costs are reduced for the client with the client's copy in alpha order to facilitate administrative handling. In addition, P&A provides notices in different color papers, as well as the ability to print supplemental notices as needed.


[Sample Notice of Appraised Value  ] (Single Page)

[Sample Notice of Appraised Value  ] (Multiple Page)

All forms are PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader,

you will need to download it to view and print the forms.



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