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Tax Rolls and Statements

Tax Rolls and Tax Statements are printed and delivered on or about October 1 each year. Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., currently processes Tax Rolls and Tax Statements for over 150 taxing jurisdictions in the state of Texas. This tremendous volume is printed in-house on our high-performance, high-volume IBM laser printers. Because of this high volume, we have achieved an economy of scale that is to our clients' benefit by allowing us to be more cost-effective and efficient.

As with Notices of Appraised Value and Assessment Rolls, P&A offers a variety of print options to correspond with each client's particular needs. For example, the local real estate and minerals/industrial/utility/personal property can be combined on one roll at the client's request. Tax Statements can be single-item or multi-item, and are available in letter size, 3/4 page, half-page, 1/3 page, and in detachable stub format. In addition, P&A will provide bound receipts upon request.

[Sample Real Estate Tax Roll ]

[Sample Mineral Tax Roll ]  

[Sample Tax Statement ]

All forms are PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader,

you will need to download it to view and print the forms.


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