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Mapping - Cartography


Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., (P&A) has been providing mapping services for a number of years for Appraisal Districts and other clients statewide. We have a unique and intimate knowledge of what Appraisal Districts and other local entities need and want - after all, we’re in the same business!

P&A takes pride in providing a hands-on approach in our mapping services. The information stored in our mapping systems can be retrieved from external digital data and other sources. We also generate and trade information with surveyors, engineering firms, local entities, and even other Appraisal Districts. This user-friendly and intuitive method of retrieving and handling data makes it easier and faster for the appraiser to find all the necessary information needed to locate and identify property ownership.


MapLink Client & Public Hosting Web-Server Software

This web-based software uses shape file layer formats designed with custom GIS tools prepared for appraisal district needs. The development of tools for MapLink software is ongoing based on input from appraisal district employees. P&A is using MapLink to support many layers other than only surface ownerhsip and abstract/surveys. It uses sophisticated raster and vector functionality created by application developers that allows you to capture and edit data with a wide range of user tools. Included in these features are: COGO input, data management, data analysis, and visualization of geographical information with a solid database interface. Vector layers such as 911 road, 911 addresses, and city and state boundaries can be added, if provided. Because alomst all mapping projects require some degree of customization, MapLink is designed from the ground up to be an application deveopment platform as well as an end-user product.



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Digitizing    Sample

This is the process whereas Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., will convert a set of maps provided by the client in a Mylar or paper copy format to a digital format.  This is normally the fastest way to provide a digital map for our clients. However, by itself it is not always the most accurate map to use. With additional applications concurrently loaded, such as Ortho-Photography (DOQQ) external data and/or TX-DOT information, we can produce a line-drawn map that will make the mapping more accurate.

Mapping Maintenance 

This is the application whereas the ownership changes and splits after a mapping project has been completed are added as needed. We pull data from our real estate database onto MicroStation map files so the data can be seen and queried on the maps.

Software Maintenance 

As part of our continuing customer support, Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., will constantly monitor for all updates, changes, and other advances, and make them available as soon as possible.

Ortho-Photography & Survey Lines     Sample

For the most accurate and useful digitized mapping software and service, it is highly recommended to add Ortho-Photography & Survey lines to create, start, and/or complete maps.  Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., can provide this information upon request.

Mapping Clients

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