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New Products / Services

Electronic Statewide Mineral Owner Holdings information can be purchased from Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. This new product is available to an owner or agent for all of our client county appraisal districts. Your request for this information and data may be made by using a mailing address or agent number assigned by our company. Multiple addresses or agent numbers may be used.  PLEASE NOTE: The information you can obtain with this product pertains only to your own holdings or the holdings you represent, not the holdings of other taxpayers.

This file details for each mineral interest the following:

  • all tax jurisdictions
  • tax jurisdiction value
  • tax jurisdiction value percentage
  • jurisdiction TEA code
  • lease name
  • Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) District number
  • RRC lease number
  • RRC field name
  • RRC field number
  • RRC operator name
  • RRC operator number
  • and more

This product will be delivered on two (2) separate Excel spreadsheets which may be viewed with these sample links:

Statewide Owner Holdings A  and  Statewide Owner Holdings B.

To purchase this product, please call Sharon Douglass at 817/370-3215. Sharon will determine the number of mineral holdings associated with your request. This number will be used to calculate your cost. You will then need to make a formal written request on your letterhead for our verification process; and, payment should be included with your letter request for this product. Ms. Douglass will discuss the required letter and charges with you.

We believe you will be pleased with this product and find it very helpful in monitoring your mineral interest property taxes.


Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., is proud to announce EZ-NETPAY, the ability to collect fees using credit card VISA/MasterCard to clients utilizing the Internet.

We are continuing to add features to our PC based software. We offer both Real Estate Appraisal and Tax Collection software that is totally PC based. Each of these applications is deeply integrated into the Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 environment. These software packages will run on a small single PC workstation or the most complex network. Our software is a table driven application that will allow a wide range of versatility. The Real Estate software will allow images (JPEG, GIF & BMP) to be attached to the parcel record. 

These new services have been installed and are being used in a number of Appraisal Districts and Tax Collection Offices. Please call our Information Services personnel for information and/or client references regarding the products and services we now offer.