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for Royalty Owners and Others Regarding Oil and Gas Mineral Interests
This information is current as of 05/17/2022.

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1) What is a Notice of Appraised Value?

2) What is the property being appraised?

3) How do you know I own this property?

4) Why is my property being appraised?

5) Is my mineral interest taxable if my well or lease didn't exist before January 1 of this tax year?

6) Why is January 1 so important?

7)  Why am I just now receiving a Notice of Appraised Value for a property that began producing several years ago?

8) Do I need to tell you if I have moved?

9) Do I need to tell you if I have sold this property recently?

10)  Do I still owe the current year property taxes if I sold my interest this year?

11)  What documents do I need to send the appraisal district to correct their ownership records?

12)  Do I need to contact the operator of the well or lease if I sell my property?

13)  How can I find out who the operator of my well or lease is?

14)  How can I find out who is supposed to be paying me for the oil and gas produced from my property?

15)  Can I find out how much production this well or lease is making (barrels of oil, mcf or gas)?

16)  How can I find out the Railroad Commission Identification Number (RRC#) for my well/lease?

17)  How was my property value determined?

18)  Wouldn't it be easier to just use last year's income as the taxable value?

19)  What does "fair market value" mean?

20) What does "ad valorem" mean?

21)  What does "USPAP" mean?

22)  Why did my property value change from last year?

23)  Why did my property value increase from last year?

24) How can my property value be more than last year's income?

25) What does "payout" mean?

26) What does "economic limit" mean?

27) How much longer is my lease going to produce?

28) How can you forecast what's going to happen in the future on my property?

29) What is a "decline curve"?

30) Do you get information from the operator when appraising my property? How does this affect me?

31) What price for oil and/or gas did you use in the appraisal of my property?

32) Does my property value take into account the taxes I pay?

33) Does my value take into account the marketing, treating, and other production costs that are being deducted from my income?

34) What discount rate is appropriate for conversion of projected future revenue to current fair market value?

35) What happens if the appraisal's income projections don't come true?

36) What should I do if I'm not receiving any income from this property?

37) My income is really going down, shouldn't the market value of my property go down as much?

38) What is an Appraisal Review Board (ARB), and how does it operate?

39) Should I protest my proposed property value to the Appraisal Review Board?

40) Who can represent me in a protest? Do I need representation?

41) What evidence should I use in my protest? How should I present my evidence?

42) Can I get a copy of the appraisals of my property?

43) Can I speak with an appraiser without filing a protest or going to a formal Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearing?

44) Does my value ever get reviewed by any entity besides the Appraisal District?

45) Why do I have multiple assessments for a property?

46) Why am I being taxed by a school where I do not live?

47) Why did I not receive the same exemptions that I received on my house and land?

48) Why is my neighbor's royalty interest value less than mine?

49) What if I did not receive a Notice of Appraised Value?

50) Do unsolicited offers for my mineral interest represent fair market value?

51) How can I sell my property?

52) Why am I not receiving a check every month for my royalties?